31 December 2017

Residual evidence of "old world" geography

Pictured on the left is a 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar, and on the right is one from 1999. Please pay attention to the small globe on the left of the obverse of the coins. On the coin from 1979 South America is pictured just beneath the U.S. On the 1999 coin South America is noticeably further east.

17 September 2016


Some people vividly remember the real name of the American pop star, Madonna to be "Maria Louise Ciccone" or "Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone." This is not the case in the current timeline history. Now, her real birth name is "Madonna Louise Ciccone" or "Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone." In the old timeline, the name Madonna wasn't her real name. She adopted it as a stage name and it was considered an affront to the Church. But, according to the current timeline, that never happened!

Madonna's Wikipedia page changed

On this website, www.skuola.net/civilta-inglese/madonna-maria-louise-ciccone.html, you will find a brief description of Madonna's life story which states her real name: Maria Louise Ciccone.

Screenshot. Click on the image to enlarge

The description was copied from Madonna's Wikipedia page before it was altered but there still is a residue of how it originally looked with her real name in the old timeline with a redirection to her current Wikipedia page here on Facebook and the French Wikipedia which was last modified on 29 December 2007.

There was even a controversy about her real name on the Talk Page archive of the English Wikipedia on 12 February 2009, here.

The Bulgarian version of Madonna's Wikipedia page is a surprise as it still states the real name that people remember and which does not exist in the current timeline, Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone.

Other residual evidence of the name some people remember as Madonna's real name (which no longer exists now):

Page No. 89 from a book called "Le Livre de la Bonne Humeur" by Daniel Ichbiah. View on Google Books.

A snippet view from the Polish book: "Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis. No 2885: Słownik literatury popularnej." View on Google Books.

20 August 2016

Ford logo

Reddit user Plewtia snapped pictures of the Ford logo "without the curly F" on her truck. This is also how people who experience the Mandela Effect remember it this way. However, the user also stated that all the other logos on the truck are the "new" logo with the F-loop.

The F without the curl. Here is a picture showing the logo the way many remember it specially the F.

Click on the image to enlarge

Oddly enough, all the other logos on the truck show the looped logo. Here are 3 pictures with the F-loop:

14 August 2016

Volkswagen logo

Some people remember the Volkswagen logo to be without the cut in the middle. Here is a residue from the old timeline taken from the show, Airport Security: Colombia on the National Geographic Channel.

Reddit user Highly_Tingled managed to snap a picture of the Volkswagen logo (without the middle cut), while watching a show on the National Geographic Channel called "Airport Security: Colombia". The show is basically about the airport security searching for illegal contraband and making arrests.

One of the police cars that they utilized to transport the offenders was a Volkswagen truck. The VW insignia looked completely solid, without the divider that rests between the "V" and the "W". The user managed to snap a few pictures of this VW police truck, and displays them below, unaltered.

Backside of the VW police vehicle. Click on the image to enlarge

A closer look. Click on the image to enlarge

The show

See also: Dimensions are overwriting each other

7 August 2016

South African book from 1991: Nelson Mandela died on 23 July 1991

I came across a snippet of a South African educational book published on 1 October 1991 and states that Nelson Mandela died on 23 July 1991.

The snippet found on Google Books reads:

Yet, words like reconciliation and the new South Africa simply were not long enough to bridge the vast differences between blacks and whites. The chaos that erupted in the ranks of the ANC when Nelson Mandela died on the 23rd of July 1991 brought the January 29th 1991 Inkatha-ANC peace accord to nothing. It lacked one thing. It lacked the last realisation.

Book Title: English Alive, 1990: writings from High Schools in Southern Africa

Authors: Kathleen Heugh, Anita Kennet

Date of Publication: 1 Oct 1991

Page No.: 54

Publisher: Claremont: Western Cape Branch of the South African Council for English Education, 1991

ISBN: 0620151862 9780620151863

OCLC Number: 123781891

Source: Google Books



Front cover shared by andrewdotcoza

More links about the book:  

The Egyptian pyramids

The Great Pyramid Khufu used to be in the middle behind the Sphinx and the capstone was missing. Now Khufu (Cheops) is not in the middle. It has a twin, Khafre (in the middle now) next to it standing the same height. The Great Pyramid stands 139 meters and Khafre stands 136 meters. The smallest one, Menkaure was more further left than in the picture below, and also further away.  The pyramids were more remote than they are now. Giza is right next to them!

Recent overview image from Google Earth which is different from what some people remember

This image is close to the reality in which the Pyramids used to be. Painting by Otto Tilche, Camels and Pyramids, c. 1900

5 August 2016

Proof dimensions are overwriting each other

Screenshots of the Volkswagen logo on the Libyan Terrorist van in Back to the Future movie. The logo appears without a cut (dash) in the middle and then it reappears in other scenes as the movie plays.  Two different realities. Some people vividly remember the logo to be without the middle dash (Mandela Effect).

My theory is dimensions are overwriting each other as we speak and our reality we grew up into is being shifted and  literally replaced by another/other parallel reality/realities.

Watch the 2:35 video:

Or see the photos with description

Exclusive photos from the sequence in order:

Some remember this Volkswagen logo without a cut (dash) in the middle like this one

Now pay attention to the VW logo in the Libyan Terrorist scene in Back to the Future movie..

I took screenshots in a sequence where two alternate VW logo versions gradually appear on the van as the movie plays: One without the cut (dash) in the middle of the logo and one with a cut in the middle. Not only that, but also the logo gradually starts to shift its shape as the cut in the middle reappears and disappears alternately. No effects or editing involved.

Here is the VW logo without a dash or a cut in the middle (click on the image to enlarge):

Now the cut (the dash) starts to appear suddenly..

Now the cut in the middle is disappearing..

And the cut starts to form again gradually. Notice the small cut that starts forming from the left side of the logo centre..