Timeline shift or reality shifts could be one of the reasons behind the Mandela Effect which is not necessarily caused by false memory. The probability that we've moved to parallel dimensions/alternate universes or that realities are being merged shouldn't be ruled out.

Mandela Effect is where you realize that something you knew to be a general fact of the world, no longer seems to be true; something you are completely certain it exists, but no longer exists or has been replaced by a different version. The "effect" is named after a particularly common example: many people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s or early 1990s, when in fact he survived long after his release.

Mandela Effect also changes everything (the whole dimension/reality) including old prints, texts, photos, media, personal possessions, history and people's memories, except for memory residue of the previous dimension/timeline/reality that has been overwritten by the new reality. Dimensions are overlapping each other including the memory itself.

As Mandela Effect changes everything, there shouldn't be any "proof" of the old reality except for certain instances that dimensions forget to overwrite due to their existence in unique circumstances, so they're left as they were in the old reality. Here, I try as much as possible to bring some of these instances of evidence, also called residue.

Mandela Effect examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 4 people in JFK car. Now 6 people
  • Dolly had braces in the "Moonraker" movie. Now, there are no braces
  • There was a movie in which Sinbad plays a genie. Now the movie vanished from existence
  • Volkswagen logo was solid. Now it has a middle cut
  • Australia was way to the south with Ocean all around it, apart from New Zealand to the north east of it. It was the "down under" continent 
  • New Zealand has moved from above Australia to below
  • South America moved 500-1000 miles East. Used to be much more inline with North America
  • Braggs is now Bragg
  • Interview With A Vampire: Now Interview With THE Vampire
  • Tiananmen Square Man was run over by a tank, now he stopped the tank instead
  • Looney TOONS: Now Looney Tunes
  • Isaiah 11:6 “..the lion will lay down with the lamb”: Now “..the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb”
  • Matthew 6:10 “..on earth as it is in heaven”: Now “..IN earth as it is in heaven”
  • Matthew 9:17 "Neither do men put new wine into old wineskins": Now old BOTTLES
  • Joshua 7:11 “..and they have put it even among their own possessions” Now: “..their own STUFF”
  • Forest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates": Now "Life WAS like.."
  • SILENCE of the Lambs: Now THE Silence of the Lambs
  • "Mirror, mirror on the wall": Now “MAGIC mirror on the wall”
  • “LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER”: Now “No, I am your father”
  • Sex IN The City: Now Sex AND The City
  • Donald J. Potts; "My wife remembers a completely different wedding date than I do."
  • Fruit Loops: Now FROOT Loops
  • It was "Kit-Kat" and "Coca-Cola" with a centered dash in between. Now, Kit-Kat's dash vanished and Coca-Cola's dash is towards the top instead of being in the center
  • No more “Of the world” at the end of We Are The Champions
  • Oscar Meyer Wieners: Now Oscar MAYER Wieners
  • Earth is now in the center of the Milky Way instead of the outside edge. We were on the very outskirts of the Sagittarius arm of our galaxy. Now we are located more in the middle of a different arm
  • North and South Korea moved from the bottom of China to above it, or 33 Degrees
  • Chic-Fil-A: Now CHICK-Fil-A
  • The human stomach is now under your left rib cage
  • The human skeleton now has 4 floating ribs in the back
  • Our hearts were more to the left. Two thirds of it to the left. Our left lung was smaller than the right to compensate for the room the heart took up
  • Our intestines are now a chaotic mish-mash rather than the well-ordered ones we had
  • Kidneys moved. You do can't do a "kidney punch" anymore. The kidneys were lower above the hips and not up in the rib cage 
  • We had an an open rib cage. All the ribs were free-floating. None were fused to each other or the sternum. Now the liver also expanded and grew a second lobe
  • “Build it and they will come”: Now “Build it and HE will come”
  • The Great Pyramid Cheops was in the middle behind the Sphinx and missing a capstone. Now, It has a twin, Khafre (in the middle now) next to it standing the same height. The smallest one, Menkaure was more further away left than it stands today. The Pyramids were being more remote than they are now. Giza is right next to it!
  • The Pacific ocean now covers the entire globe on one side
  • C3PO from Star Wars now has a SILVER LEG
  • Smokey The Bear: Now Smokey Bear
  • Steven Segal: Now Steven SEAGAL
  • Depends underwear: Now DEPEND
  • Curious George lost his tail
  • Cruella DeVille: Now Cruella de Vil
  • The US lost 2 states and now has 50
  • Febreeze: Now Febreze
  • J.C. Penny: Now J.C. Penney 
  • Adolf Hitler had brown eyes: Now blue eyes
  • DEA now stands for Drug Enforcement Administration, not Drug Enforcement Agency 
  • Madonna was her stage name not her real name and it was considered an affront to the Church. Her birth name was "Maria", Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone. Now Madonna is her real birth name and her full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
  • There never was a country called Mongolia (apart from Inner Mongolia within China). According to this timeline history, it sent troops to Iraq! Mongolia only existed during the days of Genghis Khan and was part of China after the collapse of the Mongol Empire!
  • The global seed vault was in Greenland not Svalbard. There was no such place called Svalbard and the online search results would show it as a mythical name
  • There was a mini continent in the North Pole called Arctica with a massive land mass covered in ice. It vanished and according to this timeline, (it was only an ancient continent!)
  • Alaskan Airlines: Now Alaska Airlines 
  • Fruit of the Loom is missing a cornucopia
  • The insane amount of Particle Accelerators currently active
  • Tech before its time: Earlier invention of camera; The fax machine was invented in 1846
  • The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz is now carrying a gun
  • Kurt Cobain's fluffy pink jacket picture missing
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum HAD propellers on their hats not flags
  • Walt Disney Tinkerbell intro. Many remember an animation at the beginning of a lot of animated Disney movies where Tinkerbell draws the Walt Disney logo with her wand, but no such animation ever existed
  • According to current reality, Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearing House 
  • Uncle Sam’s hat turned white! No red stripes!

And more..

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  1. Karen Carpenter dying in 1983 instead of 1973. This blew my mind. Also, I think it's actually "CHIK-fil-A" and I remember Mr. Rogers singing "it's a BEAUTIFUL day in THE neighborhood."

    Cool site.

    1. I agree with Mr. Rogers singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" - my daughter and I watched that show together when she was little. But I never heard of Chik-fil-a until about two years ago. Was it around long before that? I'm not sure about Karen Carpenter but I know she had been hospitalized for an eating disorder and was on TV in the late 70s.

    2. He did sing it at the beginning of every episode, so maybe he sang it differently over the years. The first one that comes up on youtube is "this neighborhood" but I don't remember it ever being that way.
      C3P0 does NOT have a silver leg.

  2. "In 1952, Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins wrote the popular anthem that would launch a continuous debate about Smokey’s name. To maintain the rhythm of the song, they added “the” between “Smokey” and “Bear.” Due to the song’s popularity, Smokey Bear has been called “Smokey the Bear” by many adoring fans, but, in actuality, his name never changed. He’s still Smokey Bear."

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  4. I wasn't a big fan, but recall it being Chik Fil A, and the mnemonic for that is the Holstein cows holding up the sign :Eat Mor Chikkn. Or something like that. Reddi Whip is now Redi Wip, too.

  5. I don't know why but I remember it as Chik A Fil. I never understood why it was named that. Now it isn't so I don't have to wrestle with it in my mind any more. Ugh.

  6. I experianced many mandela effects.I'm 58.Did not pay much attention till I noticed we were in the wrong place having studied astronomy since 17 yrs old.On an unusually clear chemtrail free night at around 2am I stepped out to look up and see our milky way I had not seen so vivid in 30 years.I saw Orion Belt directly above and immediatly realised we were in the wrong spot and not on the outskirts of the milky way galaxy in sagitarious as I remembered.I was extremely upset.I got my husband and he agreed something isn't right.Later I searched to find I wasn't The only one who experianced this.I am a spiritual person and that night I felt I had been led by something bigger like God to realise this supposed move to Orion's spur.I still have trouble believing it.I have no explaination and we will most likely never find any concrete explaination for the Mandela phenomenon.

  7. Watching an 80s documentary and heard Walter Cronkite's sign off which is not as I remember it. When Cronkite signed off what did he say, fill in the blank "and thats the way it___"

  8. Two Worlds 2 had Local Co-op for Story mode. Me and my friend played it. We vividly remember playing it. But when we go back to play we're unable to get it to work and the forums say nothing about it... ><; anyone else can confirm??

  9. "There was a mini continent in the North Pole"
    I remember clearly when I was very young ,our teacher told us that there is no land in North Pole,only water and ice, so there is no North Pole continent, only South Pole Continent.

  10. I'm glad to find this page today--nice job sharing information very clearly! I've dedicated my career and life's work to researching this phenomenon, which was first called "Reality Shifts" in PMH Atwater's book, 'Future Memory'--unbeknownst to me at the time it came out. I independently also decided to utilize the term "reality shifts" to describe this phenomenon and start the realityshifters.com website in the late 1990s (first on the Third Age website, and then on its own site). I've documented thousands of personal and shared Mandela Effects over the years, many of which seem impossible--unless, of course, they happen to you!