Mandela Effect List

Updated List of Some of the Most Well Known and Some of the Less Well Known ME's for all time through 2018.

  1. The Challenger Explosion was 1984/Is Now- 1986 (historical change)
  2. Before- Berenstein/Is Now- Berenstain (Book title spelling change)
  3. Before- “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”/Is Now- “Magic Mirror on the Wall…” (movie dialogue change)
  4. Before- “Luke, I am your father”/Is Now- “No, I am your father” (movie dialogue change)
  5. Before- “If you build it, they will come”/Is Now- “If you build it, he will come” (movie dialogue change)
  6. Before- Smokey the Bear/Is Now- Smokey Bear (Fictional character name change)
  7. Before- “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”/Is Now- “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood” (Lyrical change)
  8. Before- “The lion shall lay down with the lamb”/Is Now- “The wolf shall lay down with the lamb” (Bible scripture change)
  9. Before- dilemna/Is Now- dilemma (spelling change)
  10. Before- “You say tomato”/Is Now- “You like tomato” (Lyrical change)
  11. Before- Looney Toons/Is Now- Looney Tunes (TV show title change)
  12. Before- VW logo was solid/Is Now- separated (Logo change)
  13. Before- Fruit Loops/Is Now- Froot Loops (Product spelling change)
  14. Before- Jiffy/Is Now- -JIF (Product disappearance)
  15. Before- “Beam me up Scotty”/Is Now- -never existed (TV/Movie dialogue disappearance)
  16. Before- “Hello Clarice”/Is Now- -never existed (Movie dialogue disappearance) *Note-I’ve seen dialogue saying “Good afternoon, Clarice” and “Good morning, Clarice.” I will need to re-watch the movie thoroughly, as I’ve now also seen reports of Dr. Lector simple saying “Morning.” So, I guess I’ll find out what it is as of right now.
  17. Before- Oscar Meyer/Is Now- Oscar Mayer (Product spelling change)
  18. Before- Gordon’s/Is Now- Gorton’s (Product spelling change)
  19. Before- Cheez It’s/Is Now- Cheez It (Product spelling change)
  20. Before- Van De Camp’s/Is Now- VanCamp (Product name change) *Note-questionable due to Van de Kamps frozen fish
  21. Before- Mike’N’Ike/Is Now- Mike and Ike (Product name change)
  22. Before- “Taste the sensation”/Is Now- “Get the sensation” (Product slogan change)
  23. Before- Brussel Sprouts/Is Now- Brussel’s Sprouts (Food name change)
  24. Before- Tumeric/Is Now- Turmeric (Food spelling change)
  25. Before- Payless Shoe Store/Is Now- Payless Shoe Source (Store name change)
  26. Before- OxyClean/Is Now- OxiClean (Product spelling change)
  27. Before- Depends/Is Now- Depend (Product spelling change)
  28. Before- O’reilly’s/Is Now- O’reilly (Store name change)
  29. Before- Victoria Secret/Is Now- Victoria’s Secret (Store name change)
  30. Before- Proctor & Gamble/Changed to Proctor Gamble/Then Became- Proctor & Gamble/Is Now- Procter & Gamble (Company name flip)
  31. Before- Noxema/Is Now- Noxzema (Product spelling change)
  32. Before- Jane Goodall worked with gorillas/Is Now- Jane Goodall worked with chimpanzees (Historical change)
  33. Before- Madonna was born as Maria Louise Ciccone/Is Now- Madonna was born as Madonna Louise Ciccone (Celebrity name change)
  34. Before- Ed McMahon was the spokesperson for Publisher’s Clearing House/Is Now- Ed McMahon was the spokesperson for American Family Publishers (Historical change)
  35. Before- Jerry Lewis died 2015 (approx.)/Is Now- Jerry Lewis died August 2017 (Celebrity death change)
  36. Before- Times Square/Changed to- Time Square/Is Now- Times Square (Famous place name flip)
  37. Before- the JFK assassination car had 4 doors/Is Now- the JFK car had 6 doors (Historical change)
  38. Before- the Smithsonian Institute/Is Now- the Smithsonian Institution (Famous place name change)
  39. Before- the Monopoly man had a monocle/Is Now- the Monopoly man has no monocle (Fictional character change)
  40. Before- Converse shoe emblem on outside of ankle/Is Now- Converse shoe emblem on inside of ankle (Logo placement change)
  41. Before- only the Energizer Bunny existed/Is Now- the Duracell Bunny exists also (Character that never existed, now does)
  42. Before- Energizer Bunny battery on back/Is Now- Energizer Bunny battery on side (Fictional character change)
  43. Before- John Deer/Is Now- John Deere (Company spelling change)
  44. Before- Roman numeral IV/Is Now- becoming Roman numeral IIII (Writing change) *Note-I have noticed plenty of examples of this changing, but I also still see the old “IV” in many places. This one still may be up for debate.
  45. Before- Curious George had a tail/Is Now- Curious George never had a tail
  46. Before- the Last Supper, Jesus had a chalice/Is Now- the Last Supper, several small, clear cups placed all along the table (Historical art change)
  47. Before- the Thinker, tight fist was to chin/Changed to tight fist to forehead/Is Now- loose “fist” with knuckles pressed against chin and part of mouth (Historical art flip) (Got to see this one first hand at the British Museum where a replica is displayed…all changes appear to reflect in the museum replicas throughout the world as well.)
  48. Before- the Vitruvian Man showed six arms at different positions/Is Now- the Vitruvian Man shows four arms at different positions (Historical art change)
  49. Before- (Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo) God’s hand higher than Adam/Is Now- God’s hand level to, slightly lower than Adam’s hand (Historical art change) (Got to see this one first hand over the summer – their hands are even, God’s slightly lower – though the perspective is odd due to looking up so high at the ceiling of the chapel.)
  50. Before- liquify/Is Now- liquefy, liquify gives me spelling errors, but is listed as alternative spelling (spelling change)
  51. Before- alot/Is Now- a lot (spelling change, word disappearance)
  52. Before- barbeque/Is Now- barbecue, barbeque becoming reckognized (spelling change)
  53. Before- marshmellow/Is Now- marshmallow (spelling change)
  54. Before- parmesean/Is Now- parmesan (spelling change)
  55. Before- “Fly my pretties, fly!”/Is Now- “Fly, fly, fly!” (Movie dialogue change)
  56. Before- Scarecrow unarmed/Is Now- Scarecrow was wielding a pistol (Movie change)
  57. Before- C3PO all gold/Is Now- C3PO has a silver leg (Movie change, character change)
  58. Before- a movie called Shazaam starring Sinbad as a genie/Is Now- -never existed (Movie disappearance)
  59. Before- Ricky Ricardo said “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do”/Is Now- -never existed (Movie dialogue disappearance)
  60. Before- a famous line in Casablanca “Play it again, Sam!”/Is Now- -never existed (Movie dialogue disappearance)
  61. Before- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb wore hats with propellers on top/Is Now- Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb wore hats with flags on top (Movie character change)
  62. Before- Carmen SanDiego wore a yellow coat/Is Now- Carmen SanDiego wore a red coat (character change)
  63. Before- “It’s a hard knock life”/Is Now- “It’s the hard knock life” (Lyrical change)
  64. Before- “Do you feel lucky? Well do you punk?”/Is Now- “Do I feel lucky? Well do you punk?” (Movie dialogue change)
  65. Before- Timmy fell down a well and Lassie went for help/Is Now- -never happened (Movie/TV plot changes)
  66. Before- The Rum Diaries/Is Now- The Rum Diary (Movie title change)
  67. Before- You Got Mail/Changed to- Got Mail/Is Now- You’ve Got Mail (Movie title change)
  68. Before- Mighty Mouse had an M on his chest/Is Now- Mighty Mouse has nothing on his chest (Character change)
  69. Before- Tinkerbell wrote out "Disney" and dotted the "i"/Is Now- never happened (Historical/Commercial/Logo change)
  70. Before- "Keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands upon the wheel"/Is Now- "Keep your eyes on the road, keep your hand upon the wheel" (Lyrical change)
  71. Before- "You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal"/Became- "You've been hit by, you've been hit by a smooth criminal"/ Is Now- “You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal (May still be changing as of December 18, 2018) (Lyrical change)
  72. Before- “The way you make me feel, you really turn me on”/Changed to- “The way you make me feel, you really turn me good”/Is Now- “The way you make me feel, you really turn me on” (May still be changing as of December 18, 2018 (Lyrical change)
  73. Before- “How wonderful life is now that you're in the world”/Is Now- “How wonderful life is while you're in the world” (Lyrical change)
  74. Before- “Sweet dreams are made of these”/Is Now- “Sweet dreams are made of this” (Lyrical change)
  75. Before- Kidneys in the lower back/Is Now- Kidneys in the middle back protected by rib cage (Anatomical change)
  76. Before- Eye sockets were open in the back/Is Now- Eye sockets are covered in the back with a small hole for nerves (Anatomical change)
  77. Before- Face of skull only had holes for eyes, nose mouth/Is Now- Six more holes called foramina (Anatomical change)
  78. Before- Heart was more toward the left side of the chest/Is Now- Heart is now in the center of the chest (Anatomical change)
  79. Before- “God created the heavens and the earth”/Changed to- “God created the heaven and the earth”/Is Now- “God created the heavens and the earth” (Bible scripture change)
  80. Before- “God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven”/Is Now-”God's will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Bible scripture change)
  81. Before- “There shall be a husband and wife in one bed, one shall be taken...”/Is Now- “There shall be two men in one bed, one shall be taken...” (Bible scripture change)
  82. Before- “Neither do men put new wine into old wine skins”/Is Now- “Neither do men put new wine into old bottles” (Bible scripture change)
  83. Before- There were not couches in the time of the bible being written/Is Now- “They brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches” (Bible scripture change)
  84. Before- There were not banks as we know them in the time of the bible being written/Is Now- “Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank” (Bible scripture change)
  85. Before- “And the gospel must be preached among all nations”/Is Now- “And the gospel must be published among all nations” (Bible scripture change)
  86. Before- “Whereas thou hast searched all my possessions”/Is Now- “Whereas thou hast searched all my stuff”
  87. Before- “...and could not for the crowd because he was little of stature”/Is Now- “...and could not for the press because he was little of stature” (Bible scripture change)
  88. Before- The Statue of Liberty had never been attacked/Is Now- The Statue of Liberty, Jersey City is bombed by Germany in 1916 (Historical change)
  89. Before- Earth was in the Sagittarius Arm, toward the outside of the Milky Way Galaxy/Is Now- Earth is on the Orion Arm, exactly in the middle (between the outside and center) of the Milky Way Galaxy (Galactic location change)
  90. Before- The top of Minnesota was relatively flat all the way across/Is Now- The top of Minnesota has a finger-like protrusion into Canada (Geographical change)
  91. Before- Thanksgiving was the third Thursday of November/Is Now- Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November (Holiday change)
  92. Before- Stanford, Conneticut/ Is Now- Stamford, Connecticut (Geographical spelling change)
  93. Before- Cup'O'Noodles/Is Now- Cup Noodles (Product name change)
  94. Before- No islands off of the coast of southern California/Is Now- Several inhabited islands off of the coast of southern California (Geographical change)
  95. Before- Australia was the southern-most continent in the Southern Hemisphere (not counting Antarctica)/Is Now- Australia has moved north and New Zealand is on the continent Zealandia (or Oceania, frankly, it's become a little all over the place) and is now further south than Australia (which is also part of Oceania???) (Geographical change)
  96. Before- Shirley Temple died long before the 2000s/Is Now- Shirley Temple died in 2014 (Celebrity death change)
  97. Before- Will and Jada Pinkett Smith divorced after 10 years of marriage/ Is Now- Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are still happily married (Celebrity/Historical change)
  98. Before- Haley's Comet/Is Now- Halley's Comet (Astrological name change)
  99. Before- “Nobody does it like Sara Lee”/Is Now- “Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee” (Product slogan change)
  100. Before- “You like me! You really like me”/Is Now- “You like me! Right now, you like me!” (Celebrity quote change)
  101. Before- Captain Morgan's/Is Now- Captain Morgan (Product name change)
  102. Before- Marshmellow/Is Now- Marshmallow (Spelling change)
  103. Before- Lil' Ceasar's/Is Now- Little Caesar's (Company name spelling change)
  104. Before- Narwhals were made up animal like a unicorn/Is Now- They exist (New animal)
  105. Before- There were not rainbow trees/Is Now- Rainbow trees exist called Rainbow Eucalyptus (New plant)
  106. Before- There were not rainbow flowers/Is Now- Rainbow flowers exist called Rainbow Chrysanthemums (New plant)
  107. Before- There were not rainbow mountains/Is Now- Rainbow mountains exist in China, as well as a rainbow geyser in Nevada (New geography)
  108. Before- Deer were herbivores with no need for nor did they have fangs/Is Now- Several species of “fanged-deer” now exist (New animal)
  109. Before- Brawny paper towel man had facial hair and an ax/Is Now- No facial hair, no ax (Fictional character change)
  110. Before- Grainy, low resolution photos during the 19th century/Is Now- High resolution, color photos during the 19th century (Historical changes)
  111. Before- Lindbergh baby never found/Is Now- Lindbergh baby was found dead (Historical change)
  112. Before- Hillary Clinton/Changed to- Hilary Clinton/Is Now- Hillary Clinton (Celebrity name spelling flip)
  113. Before- “Houston, we have a problem”/Changed to- “Houston, we've had a problem”/Is Now- “Houston, we have a problem” (Movie dialogue flip)
  114. Before- “If you build it, they will come”/Is Now- “If you build it, he will come” (Movie dialogue change – this one actually flipped from they to he, back to they, and now back to he again)
  115. Before- Jesus never instructed anyone to commit violence/Is Now- “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring them hither and slay them before me”- Luke 19:27 (Bible scripture change)
  116. Before- The US was only attacked one time during WW2 at Pearl Harbor/Is Now- Oregon was attacked by the Japanese on June 21, 1942 (Historical change)
  117. Before- This just didn't exist/Is Now- A field of giant Presidents' busts deteriorating in a field in Virginia (Historical change)
  118. Before- Saturn was the only planet with rings/Is Now- Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter all have rings (Astrological change)
  119. Before- Jupiter was larger. Earth could fit into its “Great Red Spot”/Is Now- Jupiter is only 11 times the size of Earth (Astrological change)
  120. Before- Earth was around 36,000 miles in circumference/Is now- 24,901 miles (Geographical change)
  121. Before- Lakes were generally not pink/Is Now- There are a handful of pink lakes (Geographical change)
  122. Before- Mickey Mouse had suspenders and no tail/Is Now- Mickey Mouse has no suspenders and a tail (Fictional character change)
  123. Before- Turkey's capital was Istanbul/Is Now- Turkey's capital is Ankara (Geopolitical change)
  124. Before- Australia's capital was Melbourne/Is Now- Australia's capital is Canberra (Geopolitical change)
  125. Before- Brazil's capital was Rio De Janeiro/Is Now- Brazil's capital is Brazilia (Geopolitical change)
  126. Before- Israel's capital was Tel Aviv/Is Now- Israel's capital is Jerusalem (Geopolitical change)
  127. Before- King Tut's head piece had one snake only/King Tut's head piece has a turkey next to a snake (Historical change)
  128. Before- Tardigrades did not exist/Is Now- Tardigrades exist (New animal)
  129. Before- Bioluminescent fungus and coral did not exist/Is Now- Bioluminescent fungus and coral do exist (new plants)
  130. Before-The Corvette and Ferrari were only made as 2 doors/Is Now- The Corvette and Ferrari have both always been available as 4 door station wagons (Product change)
  131. Before- “Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear”/Is Now- “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” (Standardized warning change)
  132. Before- These elements were not in the periodic table/Is Now- Einsteinium, Californium, Krypton all exist (New elements)
  133. Before- “What if I you everything you knew was a lie?” quote from Morpheus, The Matrix/Is Now- “What if I told you...” quote was ever said by Morpheus in the Matrix (Movie dialogue disappearance)
  134. Before- Doritos was never spelled “Deritos”/Is Now- There is a bag of “Deritos” in the movie The Karate Kid (Product name discrepancy)
  135. Before- Daniel's headband in The Karate Kid had a rising sun on the front/Is Now- Daniel's headband just has a bulbous starburst pattern on the front and the sun is missing (Movie change)
  136. Before- Coelacanth was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  137. Before- Bermuda Petrel was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  138. Before- Chacoan Peccary was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  139. Before- Lord Howe Island stick insect was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  140. Before- Monito del Monte was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  141. Before- La Palma giant lizard was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  142. Before- Takahe was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  143. Before- Cuban Solenodon was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  144. Before- New Caledonian crested gecko was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  145. Before- New Holland mouse was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  146. Before- Giant Palouse earthworm was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  147. Before- Large-billed Reed-Warbler was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  148. Before- Laotian Rock Rat was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  149. Before- "I see a red door and I want to paint it black"/Is Now- "I see a red door and I want it painted black (Lyrical change)
  150. Before- Eastern Quoll was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  151. Before- Nelson's Small-Eared Shrew was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  152. Before- Arakon Forest Turtle was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  153. Before- La Gomera Giant Lizard was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  154. Before- Madagascar Serpent Eagle was extinct/Is Now- Alive (Lazarus animal)
  155. Before- Great Wall of China was the only “Great Wall”/Is Now- The Great Wall of India (New Historical Landmark)
  156. Before- “E.T. Phone home”/Is Now- “Home phone” (Movie dialogue change)
  157. Before- Tidy Cats/Changed to- Tidy Cat/Is Now- Tidy Cats (Product name flip)
  158. Before- Syd Barrett died after a long struggle with solitude and mental illness years ago/Syd Barrett died after a long struggle with solitude and mental illness, July 7, 2006 (Celebrity death change)
  159. Before- South America was south of North America/Is Now- South America is 500-1000 miles further to the East...making it now Southeast of North America (Geographical change)
  160. Before- Rice Krispies/Changed to- Rice Crispies/Is Now- Rice Krispies (Product spelling flip)
  161. Before- Fats Domino died years ago/Is Now- Fats Domino is alive as of September 2017 (Died October 24, 2017) (Lazarus celebrity)
  162. Before- Jerry Lee Lewis died/Is Now- Jerry Lee Lewis is alive as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  163. Before- BB King died in the 2000s/Changed to- BB King is alive in August 2017/Is Now- Died May 14, 2015 (Lazarus celebrity flip)
  164. Before- Doris Day died years ago/Is Now- Doris Day is alive as of December 18, 2018 Lazarus celebrity)
  165. Before- Julie Andrews died years ago/Is Now- Julie Andrews is alive as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  166. Before- Dick Van Dyke died in the 2000s/Is Now- Dick Van Dyke is alive as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  167. Before- The Neverending Story had a character that appeared called “The Childlike Empress”/Is Now- The Neverending Story has an empress who is only brought up at the end of the movie (Movie change)
  168. Before- “Take me out to the crowd”/Is Now- “Take me out with the crowd” (Lyrical change)
  169. Before- “Tear down that wall”/Is Now- “Tear down this wall” (Presidential quote change)
  170. Before- “Hello, is there anybody in there?”/Is Now- “Hello, is there anybody out there” (Lyrical change)
  171. Before- Harry Houdini died during a stunt gone awry/ Is Now- Harry Houdini died from an issue with his appendix (Celebrity/Historical death change)
  172. Before- “Who will save your soul”/Is Now- “Who will save your souls” (Lyrical change)
  173. Before- Clockwork Orange/Is Now- A Clockwork Orange (Movie name change)
  174. Before- Bats were nearly blind/Is Now- Bats have good to excellent eyesight (Animal change)
  175. Before- Interview with a Vampire/Is Now- Interview with the Vampire (Movie name change)
  176. Before- Kurt Cobain was famously pictured with a lush, fuzzy pink sweater/Is Now- (closest find) Kurt Cobain is pictured with a fuzzy animal print jacket (Missing celebrity photos)
  177. Before- Plural of beef was beef/Is Now- Plural of beef is beeves (Linguistic change
  178. Before- Kit-Kat/Is Now- Kit Kat (Logo change)
  179. Before- Shaggy had an Adam’s apple/Is Now- Shaggy never had an Adam’s apple. (Fictional character change)
  180. Before- Ford logo had no pig-tail/is Now- Ford logo has a strange, curly, pig-tail (Logo change)
  181. (Meant to mention much earlier) Before- Thinker Statue’s elbows on separate legs/Is Now- Thinker Statue’s elbows are awkwardly over-top the same leg. (Classical art change)
  182. Before- Billy Graham died while George W. Bush was President/Is Now- Lived until February 21, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  183. Before- Capricorn was a goat/Is Now- Capricorn is a goat-fish (Zodiac change)
  184. Before- Svalbard was small or non-existent/Is Now- At least as large as the UK and a great place to see polar bears. (Geographical change)
  185. Before- Arctica was called the Arctic and was the land mass where the North Pole was located/Later Became – There was never an Arctic land mass/Is Now- Arctica was an ancient continent in the Neoarchean era. (Geographical change)
  186. Before- Tony the Tiger’s nose was black/Is Now- Tony the Tiger’s nose is blue. (Fictional character change)
  187. Before- Cedric the Entertainer died of a heart attack several years ago/Is Now- Cedric the Entertainer is alive as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  188. Before- Dolly from Moonraker had braces/Is Now- Dolly from Moonraker never had braces. (Fictional character change/Movie change)
  189. Before- There was a diet soda called Coke Zero made with Splenda/Is Now- Coca-Cola Zero and was always made with Aspartame (Product change)
  190. Before- Easter Island heads only consisted of hatless heads/Is Now- Easter Island statues of heads, full bodies, and heads with hats. (Relic change)
  191. Before- Scategories/Is Now- Scattergories (Product name change)
  192. Before- Donald Duck had a red bowtie/Changed to- Donald Duck had a white sailor scarf/Is Now- Donald Duck has a red bowtie (Fictional character change)
  193. Before- Tony Bennett died several years back/Is Now- Tony Bennet is alive and well as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  194. Before – Scary Movie contained the line “I see white people”/Is Now – Never happened (Movie change)
  195. Before- The Diary of Anne Frank/Is Now- The Diary of a Young Girl (Literary change)
  196. Before- First car phone was in the 70s-80s/Is Now- First car phone was in 1910 (Technological change)
  197. Before- Famous James Bond line was “The name is Bond, James Bond”/Is Now- “My name is Bond, James Bond” (Famous movie quote change)
  198. Before- No feeding tube in the Exorcist/Is now- The possessed child has a feeding tube (Movie change)
  199. Before- Niagra Falls/Is Now- Niagara Falls (Landmark name change)
  200. Before- Uncle Sam’s hat was striped/Is Now- Uncle Sam’s hat is white (Fictional character/mascot change)
  201. Before- Weird/Changed to- Wierd/Is Now- Weird (Spelling change)
  202. Before- Tim Curry died a little while back/Is Now- Tim Curry is alive and well as of December 18, 2018. (Lazarus celebrity)
  203. Before- The Statue of Liberty was on Ellis Island in New York City/Is now- The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island in New Jersey (Landmark location change)
  204. Before- None of The Wizard of Oz characters carried weapons/Is Now- All of the yellow brick road protagonists (except Dorothy and Toto) carry weapons. (Movie change)
  205. Before- No such thing as a Hammer Headed Bat/Is Now- We now have a Hammer Headed Bat (Mandanimals)
  206. Before- There was only 1 manned moon landing/Is Now- There were 69 lunar missions, 6 manned landings, and 23 unmanned landings (Historical change)
  207. Before- There were 2 presidents assassinated/Is Now- There were 4 presidents assassinated (Historical change)
  208. Before- Moses didn’t have horns/Is Now- Moses has and always had horns (Biblical and classical art change)
  209. Before- Jet engines were under jet wings/Is Now- Jet engines are far out in front of jet wings (Engineering/technological design change)
  210. Before- During the 9/11 attacks, only 3 of the World Trade Center Buildings (1, 2, and 7) were destroyed/Is Now- All 7 were destroyed (Historical change)
  211. Before- During the 9/11 attacks, less than 50 people were killed during the attack on the Pentagon/Changed to- Many people recall zero people dying in the Pentagon attack and remember that it was fully evacuated before the plane hit/Is Now- 125 people died in the Pentagon (not including those onboard the, very sadly, doomed flight) (Historical change)
  212. Before- Nelson Mandela died in prison/Is Now- Nelson Mandela lived, and after leaving prison, went on to become the Prime Minister of South Africa and was key in ending apartheid - In this timeline, he died on December 5, 2013 (Historical change)
  213. Before- Whitey Bulger died in prison/Is Now- died October 30, 2018 (Lazarus famous criminal/celebrity)
  214. Before- Bob Barker died several years ago/Changed to- Bob Barker died this year (2018)/Is Now- Bob Barker is alive and well AGAIN as of December 18, 2018 (forgive me, just stumbled upon his second resurrection and I’m a bit floored by it) (Lazarus celebrity)
  215. Before- Bob Newhart died years ago/Is Now- Bob Newhart is alive and well as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  216. Before- Wilford Brimley died several years ago/Is Now- Wilford Brimley is alive and well as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  217. Before- Angela Lansbury died a few years after Beauty and the Beast came out/Is Now- Angela Lansbury is alive and well as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  218. Before- Sand (beach sand) was generally somewhere between white, black, or various shades of tan and or brown/Is Now- Sand is now found in the colors red, pink, orange, purple, green, brown, white, and black (Geological change)
  219. Before- MD 20/20 was short for Mad Dog 20/20 – the brand name of a cheap red wine/Is Now- Was never branded as Mad Dog 20/20, was always just MD 20/20 (Brand name change)
  220. Before- This just didn’t exist/Is Now- A large, UFO shaped, Buddhist temple exists in Bangkok, Thailand called “Wat Phra Dhammakaya” (Famous structures)
  221. Before- Chapstick/Is Now- Chapstix (Brand name change)
  222. Before- Sketchers/Is Now- Skechers (Brand name change)
  223. Before- The Village People were made up of 5 people: a policeman, a chief, a cowboy, a biker, and a construction worker/Is Now- The Village People were made up of 6 people: a policeman, a chief, a cowboy, a biker, and a construction worker, and a military man (Band change/New band members)
  224. Before- “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”/Is Now- “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” (Movie dialogue change)
  225. Before- Pikachu had a yellow tail with a black tip/Is Now- Pikachu has a yellow tail, no black tip, and brown shading near the base of the tail (Fictional character change)
  226. Before- Robert England/Is Now- Robert Englund (This one is up for debate, possibly a flip-flop, and hotly contested, but I remember England personally) (Celebrity name change)
  227. Before- This just didn’t exist/Is Now – A cold medicine that has existed since the 30s and is still available to purchase now called “666 Cold Preparation” (New products)
  228. Before- Stan Lee died about a year or two ago/Is Now- Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018 (Lazarus celebrities)
  229. Before- Chic-Fil-A/Is Now- Chick-Fil-A (Brand name change)
  230. Before- Dr. Dolittle/Changed to- Dr. Doo Little/Is Now- Dr. Dolittle (Movie name flip-flop)
  231. Before - "What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?" /Is Now- "What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?" (Lyrical change) -Thank you Traway84 :)
  232. Before- Daylight Savings Time/Is Now- Daylight Saving Time (Ummm, Spelling change?)
  233. Before- Chartreuse was a shade of red-maroon/Is Now- Chartreuse is yellow-green (Color change)
  234. Before- There was a painting of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg/is Now- The painting has never shown Henry VIII holding a turkey leg (Classical art change)
  235. Before- The Great Pyramid -the one in the middle – was the largest of the Pyramids of Giza and they were all lined up with the Orion constellation/Is Now – The Great Pyramid, in the center, is not the largest of the Pyramids of Giza and they are not lined up, nor have they ever aligned with, the Orion constellation (Historical landmark change)
  236. Before – The Mona Lisa was not smiling/Is Now- The Mona Lisa has a smirk on her face (Classical art change)
  237. Before- Nobody new who Mona Lisa, of the famous painting was…this was a longstanding mystery/Is Now- Her name was Lisa Gherardhini, wife of Francesco Del Giocondo who requested the commisioned work by Leonardo Da Vinci (Historical change)
  238. Before- Sex in the City/Is Now- Sex and the City (TV show name change)
  239. Before- Febreeze/Is Now- Febreze
  240. Before- The Flinstones/Is Now- The Flintstones (This has flip-flopped for many who remember it originally being “The Flintstones” and it temporarily changing to “The Flinstones.” I remember it being, originally “The Flinstones”) (TV show name change)
  241. Before- Charles Schultz/Is Now- Charles Schulz (Celebrity name change)
  242. Before- Ghandi/Is Now- Gandhi (Celebrity name change)
  243. Before- Volvo’s logo was a circle with “Volvo” written inside/Is Now- Volvo’s logo is the symbol of masculinity with “Volvo” written inside
  244. Before- Tom Cruise wore a white, button up shirt, briefs, and dark sunglasses in the dance scene in “Risky Business”/Is Now- Tom Cruise wore a pink button up shirt, briefs, and no sun glasses (Movie change)
  245. Before- the Tiananmen Square protester “Tank Boy” was run over by the tank/Is Now- The Tiananmen Square protester “Tank Boy” was never run over (Historical change)
  246. Before- Hitler had brown eyes/Is Now- Hitler had blue eyes (Historical change – not gonna’ call that monster a celebrity)
  247. Before- Franklin Delanor Roosevelt/Is Now- Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Celebrity/Historical name change)
  248. Before- The hands of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial were both relaxed/Is Now- One of Lincoln’s hands at the Lincoln Memorial is now clenched in a fist (Historical landmark change)
  249. Before– Military ships were never covered in strange, striped, camouflage/Is Now- Razzle Dazzle ships where covered in black and white, dizzying stripes in order to try to camouflage them at sea during WW1 (Historical change
  250. Before- “Dearly beloved…We are gathered here to celebrate this thing called life”/Is Now- “Dearly beloved…We are gathered here to get through this thing called life (Lyrical change)
  251. Before- Eli Whitney was a black man/Is Now- Eli Whitney was a white man (Historical change)
  252. Before- Bruce Lee was shot on set by accident (or not) which was a strange coincidence that was later linked to his sons death in the making of the Crow/Is Now- He died of cerebral edema, possibly caused by a reaction to a painkiller (Celebrity death change)
  253. Before- Lay-Z-Boy/Is Now- La-Z-Boy (Brand name change)
  254. Before- “It puts the lotion on its skin”/Is Now- “It rubs the lotion on its skin” (Movie dialogue change)
  255. Before- Fruit of the Loom’s logo contained a cornucopia/Is now- Fruit of the Loom’s logo never contained a cornucopia (Logo change)
  256. Before- There was never a hanging Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz/Is Now- There is a hanging Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz (Movie change)
  257. Before- DEA stood for “Drug Enforcement Agency/Is Now- DEA stands for “Drug Enforcement Administration” (Government agency name change)
  258. Before- HIPPA stood for the “Health Information and Patient Privacy Act”/Is Now- HIPAA stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (Law acronym change)
  259. Before- Henry Winkler died years back/Is now- Henry Winkler is alive and well as of December 18, 2018 (Lazarus celebrity)
  260. Before- “Elementary, My dear Watson” – Sherlock Holmes/Is Now- Was never said (Famous quote changes)
  261. Before- Laughing Cow (Laughing Cow Cheese) had a golden nose ring/Is Now- Laughing Cow (Laughing Cow Cheese) never had a nose ring, but has always had ear tags (Logo change)
  262. Before- Roy Orbison was blind/Is Now- Roy Orbison was never blind (Celebrity change)
  263. Before- Target logo had 3 red rings/Is Now- Target logo has 2 red rings (Logo change)
  264. Before- Judge Judy had a gavel/Is Now- Judge Judy’s never had a gavel (TV show change)
  265. Before- Oxy Clean/Is Now- Oxi Clean (Brand name change)
  266. Before- How Deep is Your Love, by the Bee Gees, lyric “I really need to know”/Is Now- How Deep is Your Love, by the Bee Gees lyric “I really mean to know” (Lyrical change)
  267. Before- The evil gremlin from the movie “The Gremlins” name was Spike/Is Now- The evil gremlin from the movie “The Gremlins” name was Stripe (Fictional character name change)
  268. Before- Pillsbury Dough Boy had a blue scarf/Is Now- Pillsbury Dough Boy has always had a white scarf (Fictional character/Logo change)
  269. Before- First fax was sent in 1964/Is Now- First fax was sent in 1846 by Alexander Bain when he sent the first ever image using electricity via wires (Historical/Technological change)
  270. Before- The sun on the Raisin Bran cereal box had sunglasses/Is Now- The sun on the Raisin Bran cereal box never had sunglasses (Brand/Logo change)
  271. Before- Gilligan’s hat was white on “Gilligan’s Island”/Is Now- Gilligan’s hat was tan (TV show/Fictional character change)
  272. Before- The Tunguska, Siberia meteor explosion of 1908 killed 100s-1000s of people/Is Now- Nobody died even though the damage from the incident stretched 830 square miles (Historical change)
  273. Before- Bananas grew from the stem down/Is Now- They grow upside down, from the stem upward (Plant change)
  274. Before – The Union Jack’s white lines were symmetrical/Is Now- The Union Jack’s white lines are asymmetrical and off-centered (Country flag change)
  275. Before- Christopher Reeves/Is Now- Christopher Reeve (Celebrity name change)
  276. Before- “She took a midnight train” and “He took a midnight train” in “Don’t Stop Believing”/Is Now- Only “He took a midnight train” is ever in the lyrics (Lyrical change)
  277. Before- Gibraltar was an island between Spain and Morocco in the Straight of Gibraltar/Is Now- Gibraltar was never an island. It is a small landmass that shoots off of the Southern tip of Spain and is attached (Geographical change)
  278. Before- Al Pacino line was “You’re out of order! This whole courtroom is out of order!”/Is now- “You’re out of order! This whole trial is out of order!” (Movie dialogue change)
  279. Before- Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing/Is Now- Kraft Stove Top Stuffing (Product change)
  280. Before- Gene Wilder died several years ago-several times/Is Now- Gene Wilder died August 29, 2016 (Lazarus celebrity)
  281. Before- JC Penny/Is Now- JC Penney (Brand name change)
  282. Before- American Gothic showed a man and woman staring blankly forward (or into “the camera”)/Is Now- The woman is looking off to the right and into space while the man stares forward (and into “the camera”) (Historical art change)
  283. Before- We are the Champions “Of the world” was sang at the end of the song/Is Now- We are the Champions “Of the world” is sang in the middle of the song, but not at the end (Lyrical change)
  284. Before- 52 US states/Is Now- 50 US states (Geographical change)
  285. Before- There was a large island to the west of Australia/Is Now- There was never a large island to the west of Australia (Geographical change)
  286. Before- Darth Vader’s helmet was all black/Is Now- Darth Vader has a silver nose (Fictional character changes)
  287. Before- Porshe/Is Now- Porsche (Brand name change)
  288. Before- China had the only “Great Wall”/Is Now- Great Wall of Pakistan “The Great Wall of Sindh” (this is in addition to the “Great Wall of India” (New historical landmarks)
  289. Before- Cruella Deville/Is Now- Cruella De Vil
  290. Before- Knight Rider – Kit’s voice box was in the center console/Is Now- Kit’s voice box is in the dash just above the steering wheel (Fictional character change)
  291. Before- Alaskan Airlines/Is Now- Alaska Airlines (Brand name change)
  292. Before- White Out/Is Now- Wite Out (Product name change)
  293. Before- Traffic lights were ordered from green on top to red on bottom/Is Now- Traffic lights are ordered from red on top to green on bottom
  294. Before- Hamlet line “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well”/Is Now- Never existed (Famous play quote)
  295. Before- Snoopy’s tail was a black line/Is Now- Snoopy’s tail is white (Fictional character change)
  296. Before- There was no newspaper “precog” report in 1937 outlining the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor/Is Now- There was a detailed US NATIONAL newspaper report in 1937 outlining the coming attack on Pearl harbor (Historical change)
  297. Before- John Lennon’s suit in the “Imagine” video was white/Is Now- John Lennon’s suit in the “Imagine” video was black (Music video change)
  298. Before- Mike Tyson bit off all or at least a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear, and then spit it out during a televised match/Is Now- Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear, but never bit any portion of it off, nor did he spit it out after (Historical sporting event change)
 Credit: Sabina090705, Dec 18, 2018


  1. The changing of Ghandi to Gandhi is interesting, because about 14 years ago I was blogging something and spelled it Gandhi and was taken to task by another blogger who corrected me and said it was Ghandi. But now it is back to that is kind of funny.

  2. I have one for you that no one has posted anywhere (that I have seen) but if you have older readers(born in the 40s or 50s, they might remember. My mother was given the RhoGam shot in 1961/62 for two children (oldest siblings) because of blood RH incompatibility between my father and her. We had lots of discussions about this over the years, the most recent in about 2004. Well, now that shot wasn't even invented and administered for the first time in 1968.

  3. "221. Before- Chapstick/Is Now- Chapstix (Brand name change)" I don't know when you posted that, but it is back to being Chapstick.

  4. I remember a film called Event Horizon starring Meg Ryan where she plays a character who meets her deceased dad for an hour in a space-time field in a cyclotron; but in reality (reality in the films plot) this encounter takes less than a second.
    Unfortunately this film has now 'disappeared' from this reality (from this universe).

    1. You're just confusing that with the movie Contact with Jodie Foster.

      I've both read the book and seen the movie. Event Horizon was some weird space horror movie.

  5. 14. It's SKIPPY peanut butter. The slogan, from back in the day, for the other one is... (Here comes the "lightbulb" moment.) ..."Choosy mothers choose Jif." (Circa 1960s)

    15. It's WELL known that Shatner NEVER said "Beam me up, Scotty." There's common agreement among actual Trek fans.

    17. It's ALWAYS been Oscar Mayer. The jingle (from 1973 on) started with "My Bologna Has A First Name," with the kid spelling the first and last names.

    18. It's always been "Gortons." I studied advertising in college, in the '70s, and one of their packages was used in one of the lessons.

    40. Different models of the Converse high tops have always had the logo on different sides, inside AND outside. It started out on the inside, on a thick patch which protected the wearers' ankle bones.

    51. There has NEVER been a word spelled "alot." That has been a common misspelling for years, though.

    60. "Play it again, Sam," was NEVER a thing. It has ALWAYS been, "Play it, Sam. If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me." See "Beam me up, Scotty" for a similar made up line.

    64. Include the ENTIRE quote. “You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

    65. Timmy NEVER fell down a well. That was made up as a joke, when I was a kid.

    72. I JUST found out it changed back to "turn me on." I used to freak people out with that one, for several years.

    75. I fought in the SCA (medieval combat). We had to have kidney belts. I helped some of the other fighters "armor up." Kidney belts were ALWAYS at and just above the belt line.

    99. I grew up with Sara Lee. It's ALWAYS been "nobody doesn't like." That's not a Mandela effect. It's a misheard lyric.

    110. You've been mislead. Those photos were "colorized." The detail was enhanced and color added with a computer.

    116. I was taught about the Japanese submarine attack, when I went to school in the '60s or '70s. We got a kick out of the fact they didn't hit sh*t. :)

    130. Four door Corvettes are aftermarket or manufacturer's mods, NOT factory models. Chevrolet only made six, total.

    157. - Tidy Cat changed to Tidy Cats. It was a product renaming. Tidy Cat was created in 1964 by Ed Lowe, who invented cat litter.

    188. The scene with Dolly wearing braces was shot first. The producer changed his mind and had the character no longer wore braces. There was a continuity error where the first scene with braces was used in the film, but the braces were edited out in later video releases.

    196. That was NOT a car phone in 1910. It was a wired phone carried in a car, which could be hooked up to existing phone lines, when the car was stopped.

    219. MD 20/20 was made by Mogen David (hence the MD). "Mad Dog" was always a nickname.

    233. A line in the 1971 James Bond film, "Diamonds Are Forever," references "the restful chartreuse curtains." The curtains were green.

    275. That's a common mistake. People confuse Steve Reeves (who also played Superman) with Christopher Reeve.

    294. That's a common mistake (see "Beam me up, Scotty" and "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do."). It was ALWAYS, "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar?"

  6. I just googled Jupiter's size, it says you could fit 1300 earths into it, so I think you need to rethink that one. Also the British flag was always asymmetrical - British ships used to fly the flag upside down as a distress signal and how could they have done that unless it was asymmetrical? Also the Shakespeare quote still exists - it's actually "Alas poor Yorrick, I knew him, Horatio." Many others on here are also badly thought out.