17 September 2016


Some people vividly remember the real name of the American pop star, Madonna to be "Maria Louise Ciccone" or "Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone." This is not the case in the current timeline history. Now, her real birth name is "Madonna Louise Ciccone" or "Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone." In the old timeline, the name Madonna wasn't her real name. She adopted it as a stage name and it was considered an affront to the Church. But, according to the current timeline, that never happened!

Madonna's Wikipedia page changed

On this website, www.skuola.net/civilta-inglese/madonna-maria-louise-ciccone.html, you will find a brief description of Madonna's life story which states her real name: Maria Louise Ciccone.

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The description was copied from Madonna's Wikipedia page before it was altered but there still is a residue of how it originally looked with her real name in the old timeline with a redirection to her current Wikipedia page here on Facebook and the French Wikipedia which was last modified on 29 December 2007.

There was even a controversy about her real name on the Talk Page archive of the English Wikipedia on 12 February 2009, here.

The Bulgarian version of Madonna's Wikipedia page is a surprise as it still states the real name that people remember and which does not exist in the current timeline, Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone.

Other residual evidence of the name some people remember as Madonna's real name (which no longer exists now):

Page No. 89 from a book called "Le Livre de la Bonne Humeur" by Daniel Ichbiah. View on Google Books.

A snippet view from the Polish book: "Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis. No 2885: Słownik literatury popularnej." View on Google Books.


  1. This for me is Proof Positive. I'm a Yuge Madonna fan...and I know for a fact that Madonna was her stage name...not her birth name! This Mandela Effect is a real phenomenon. Furthermore, more and more philosophers believe that we exist in a Holographic Universe. I personally believe that all possibilities exist simultaneously...it is our souls that decide which path to follow and experience.

  2. I remember when I was a kid and Madonna first came on the scene, there was an article in teen beat or one of those mags I can't remember which one, there was a pic of her from high school and her name was "Patricia Ciccone". Does anyone out there remember seeing that name?

  3. I remember back in 1992-ish as a schoolkid I was reading a reprint of a book by one of Ciccone's biographers, who told it straight, that Luisa Veronica Ciccone adopted the name Madonna (Our Lady - in Italian) to testify that she studied at a Catholic school and was "Christian". And today I read that it looks like Madonna has always been a part of her name. I'll tell you what - IT WASN'T! I haven't dealt with Mandela Effect until today and I must tell you it is scary - to hear the world tell you the official story and you feel like are going mad for remembering otherwise.

  4. There're tons of evidences that Madonna was her first name from the beginning. Videos of her school days yearbooks, interviews, birth records, passports, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95hPbDHDAIc Her mother's grave...

    People just want to hate her as anti-Christian. That's why they made up the whole story of "Maria". In USSR there was a term "marxist translation". And Madonna was always translated as "Luise Veronica Ciccone with pseudonym Madonna" for that reasons. Media doesn't want people to think about her mother, also Madonna Luise Ciccone, dying of cancer at 30 after giving birth to 6 children and refusing early cancer treatment because it required her to abort her sixth child. Slutshaming is easier.

  5. When I was a teen, I used to collect celebrity magazines of the time, like "Teen Beat," "Tiger Beat," "Bop" and the like. I vividly remember that one of those magazines had an article that stated that her real name was "Mary Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone." The author of the article had then made a lame joke about "Imagine if she'd picked one of her other names to use as a stage name. Justify my love, Jughead."

  6. Madonna her true name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone and her dead mother Madonna Fortin. Madonna is her birth name. The proof documents of her studend era and date of birth.