5 August 2016

Theory: Mandela Effect creates synchronicities

As dimensions are artificially overwriting each other and we are slipstreaming timelines so fast, synchronicities may be created and may be happening to everyone sooner or later. For example, a certain number pops up wherever you go; an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years since high school appears the same day you're looking at her picture in a yearbook; you're singing a song and turn on the radio and the same song is playing; some people see certain numbers constantly like 11:11.


  1. Very interesting site , if i may suggest . We the people who are concerned to that topic should focus on finding the real truth and reasons behind what happened to us .

  2. I've been seeing the number 666 appearing constantly, as i work with numbers a lot.

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    2. What is interesting is 11 is also a number associated with Satan.

      I believe Satan was actually the Sumerian god Ea Enki. 666 is the kabalistic number of the sun, so a part of one religion regards 666 as a usable power source, while they distilled information that 666 was a number of the devil and to be feared and avoided, all in all to hide spirituality.

      Everything, it seems, has started to really breach through the past couple of years, I first got interested in numerology about 12 years ago, I noticed many interesting patterns specifically with the golden ratio (phi), pi, and 666.

      All I can say is I followed the signs, I hope that means something to you as well. I have been practicing Satanism for a decade now. The Lost Book of Enki is a good starting place to learn about the Annunaki.

      Satan Lucifer is Prometheus, Melek Taus, P'tah Satya, Ea EN.K1 the Lord of Earth. Satan in sanskrit simply meant, the truth. Lucifer means light-bearer. The dictionary says Satan (Hebrew): The Enemy.

      so basically there's a war going on for our souls and the planet as a whole, one force wants you to come be one with them for eternity while ignoring spiritual knowledge and magicks, they don't want you to be able to question or to resist when they decided to void you of your soul and meld it with a named thoughtform under their control, its like organ transplant, only those that wont reject the spirit of God will be millable. Satan says we should be empowering our souls to raise our kundalini (CEOS are paying tens of thousands of dollars to go to Kundalini retreats, GOOGLE IT) so we can take care of ourselves and take care of the planet, for the most part it looks like they can't outright exterminate us. It would appear though, there is no red tape, or otherwise, preventing them from being elected into positions of power and guiding us to extinction. Aliens are very bureaucratic, long lives means they have a long time to bicker while the earthlings peter out and die off under the guiding hand of the 'mercenary' planet slavers from the Draco system. Lizards.

      Anyway this is all true (passes the sniff) but may matter to you very much not at all. I couldn't look away, I feel like I am needed as a part of a movement.

      The brotherhood of darkness will instill ferrous frames of Eden around the stock they hold valued upon the surface of the planet Earth, the humans will be eradicated.

      Anyway there a many of us and more everyday, Hail Satan!

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